Bunkhouse Built - A Guide to Making Your Own Cowboy Gear

Bunkhouse Built - A Guide to Making Your Own Cowboy Gear
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Whether you're a seasoned cowhand or a greenhorn dreaming of taking that first big pack trip, BUNKHOUSE BUILT is the book for you. Chockful of hand-drawn illustrations and step-by-step directions, this handy how-to covers just about everything a cowboy needs to do the job and do it right. Leif covers the basics of outfitting yourself for traveling and working on a horse. With little more than a simple tool kit and some leather and rope, you'll be building all sorts of useful riding and personal gear. You'll also learn how to picket your horse, pack a lead rope, and tie a hitch on a load - along with a little cowboy lore. BUNKHOUSE BUILT is perfect for anyone who has a horse or just a love for the cowboy lifestyle. Paperback, 129 pages. Signed by the author.

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