Old Gringo Ye Haw Boots - Black

Old Gringo Ye Haw Boots - Black
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Yeeehaaw and round up your cowboy hats!
The amazingly vivid mix of colors perfectly compliments the fun, retro embroidered design.
This is an instant classic.
13" shaft Square snip toe

Nobody ever wrote a hit song about staying home nights and savin' your money. . .   Go Ahead - Buy Yourself a Pair

Old Gringo Cowboy Boots bond the time-honored art of handmade boots with a contemporary flair for fashion. Old Gringo Boots are unique, comfortable and made with the highest quality leathers. They add art to footwear using embroidery, Swarovski crystals, stud patterns, inlay/overlay, hand tooling, painting, and laser etching techniques. Every Old Gringo boot is the culmination of an over 250-step production process performed by our skilled craftsmen. They afford their boots the time to cure, in a climate control that ensures a consistency of fit and comfort of wear expected from Old Gringo collectors. Old Grngo Boots are known to push the design envelope and try something new and complex. As the leader, They are often copied but never duplicated.  


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